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Les Paul's and Overall's
from Kannapolis North Carolina Home of Nascar Legend Dale Earnhardt

The JDB has a relentless work ethic. Shedding blood to show off original works of musical art and sharing with their fans
almost daily. Riding through the night playing every show that they possibly can get in and be apart of. Going the extra miles
to be heard. Creating new original music and standing by it.
Not caving to what society wants or the latest trend. You won't hear of the JDB changing its style or selling out its beliefs for
money, or even for the status quo.
This is a real band. A band who has their own ideals and their own pursuit of music glory. That pursuit is to bring a live
crushing rock show to the people with heart, soul in a big display of sonic power. To stand by their fans who have stood by
them all these years. The songs are not your typical rock songs, they are very unique. High velocity music mixed with
southern hard rock and delta blues. With a original sound and creation of songs. This is one of the most original bands
playing and recording music today. Delta slide guitar mixed into hard rock, chicken pickin guitars on overload.  Thunderous
drums, and a crushing bass. With a real honest sincere vocals.

They represent the percentage of people who are different and special. A band that stands for freedom. Freedom to be
yourself. No matter who you are or what you are. A band that says your a individual, and your are our friend and you are
always accepted at a JDB show. We have a incredible following of crazy fans from all walks of life who follow the band

Putting out seven albums on his own.


Joe Davis is a extreme guitarist and a award winning singer. Who has been playing guitar his entire
existence. Working in all facets of the music industry from recordings to live appearances in all walks of music life. With
many albums and recordings released
worldwide his love for music and guitars have keep him in the spotlight, It is so much to try to put this into words because
there is so much to his career ,we tried to condense it. Thank you for reading.

The Joe Davis Band is a award winning grammy nominated band from Kannapolis North Carolina.  Winners of the
Charlotte Music Awards 2007 best hard rock band, 2008 Charlotte Music Awards best male vocalist.  As seen in Guitar
World Magazine, Guitar Legends Magazine, Guitar International, Gibson,  Slash from Gun's and Rose's
website, Kudzoo Magazine, Gritz Magazine, USA Today, The Charlotte Observer and many  more...A band who has achieved
successful album sales,  national media coverage as well as radio play and appeal to digital music fans worldwide.

Joe Davis has recorded with Duane Allman's 1957 Gibson Gold top guitar and has helped share it with the world again after
it has been off the scene after 40 years. The Layla guitar is back. Landing up in the hands of the Allman Brothers, Derek
Trucks, Vince Gill and many more greats. (more to come on this  and make sure to check out the Skydog Woody project
album featuring, Duane's axe and Allen Woody's bass as well  by Joe Davis)

With seven albums out and a relentless fan base of all ages people, from all walks of life.
The JDB has a massive love for their fans and friends promising to always deliver the very best show for their money.

Joe Davis has opened for many national recording artist over the last two decades working with some of the biggest names
in music. Joe Davis was the last full time guitarist for the Charlotte based rock band "Dark Horse" who worked all of the USA
in the 90's creating a world wide fan base that helped set the stage for the JDB's success. Dark Horse opened for many acts
nationwide and released Dark Horse "Live from The Delta Hubcap", in 1996 .Which was the creation of this new sonic mad
sound. It was dubbed  "southern metal".The band featured lead singer and insane front man John Allen Soloman of the
80's band Lykitty Splytt.

There is no one or anything that sounds like The Joe Davis Band. It's not just hard rock music, its a blend of delta slide
guitars, some hard rock music , sometimes soul blended in. Sometimes massive country chicken pickin guitars through a
Marshall Amp cranking. The shows are wide open the mood and the energy is real. The acoustic show is stunning. Joe Davis
has appeared in such venues as the Carolina Opry and has been ask to appear at the Grand Ol Opry in Nashville Tenn.

The JDB has constantly been making live appearances in concert halls, nightclubs and bringing a live show that is exciting
with a lot of unpredictable live action.

Achievements include. Being on Tower Records in 2002 with worldwide distro for a independent album. Being one of the
very first artist on the original cd baby, back when they traded chocolate to list your albums. (that's a true story).
The first artist ever on the original  The only man on Earth to re record the song "Layla" with the original Layla
guitar,  7 albums out to date.


"Music to me..has always been about creativity.. period..
its not about and has never been about, rock stars..

Music is like art,.. everyone's paintings are different.
.your sculptings are doesn't have to be like yours..
or like someone elses...your creativity is yours
...its not for critics.." - Joe Davis