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The Delta Hubcap Music Company was created by Joe Davis of Kannapolis NC. The company was
created to help other musicians obtain what they need to get where the want to go in the music
After spending over twenty years meeting building and creating relationships with all facets of the
music business. Delta Hubcap Music was created by musicians for musicians.
The music business can be a sea of unseen ups and downs. Navigating completely in the dark can be
tough and a waste precious time.

The music business is on its death bed and company's are not wanting to take risk. The days of the big
record deals are few and far between. That doesn't mean its over. It means your business plan has to be
together and focused.

In the music business there is so many scam artist. They all are ripping off artist left and right. All
taking advantage of musicians abroad. Stop the insanity. Paying up front for high hopes and more lies
just drains you of money and time.
Time cannot be bought back. We got to make the most of this and make the most of this now.

No one can offer a magical solution for getting your music heard, used or looked at by a label. What
happens if you music is already in the hands of someone who shops music for a living. The
music will already be in a file and ready to be submitted.
We see this happening all the time. Companies will be looking for songs and the companies want to get
their music from a legitimate company, that makes sure the music is very detailed as to whom owns the
original work. That is the reason why you cannot call a record label or music company on the phone
and they will listen.. They can't. They have no proof whom owns the original work and they do not
have time research the claim of ownership. There for its not worth their time to even look it. No matter
how good the work is.

With that being said. We are offering our services for the first time to the public. The old saying in the
music business is "never put money up front". This still holds true and make sure you live by it or you
will be taken for all your worth. What we are selling is a our time, and getting your music where it can
be heard and placed when and if the opportunity rises. Nothing in life is for sure. With no risk there is
nothing gained. We charge a one time
fee of $10.00 to buy our time to catalog your music, into our data base that has 30 years worth of music
business people sending us request for working music. If you don't believe us or don't want to do
this..don't. We are not begging for your money or a scam artist..what this $10.00 buys. Is our time to do
it. We been doing this for other artist before, we been quiet about it. We just haven't been able to open
our door to public because of our own dealings with labels and management companies. We are now
open to the public.

We want to see new artist do good and we want to see new music of all kinds do great things. Our
company was build on the struggles and the learning of The Joe Davis Band. We had success and did
very well with albums sells, tours and shows. The licensing of music and the use of working songs on
TV shows and movies. Legitimately.
Feel free to look at our sites and see our struggle was real and was hard fought. We are not in the
business of shafting people. We want to help. is our main site

our paypal address is
we ask for three of your best works in mp3 form